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  • Riverside Educational Article of the Month - Will Repellents Get a Wild Animal Out of the Attic?

Will Repellents Get a Wild Animal Out of the Attic?

It has been proven that repellents are ineffective in keeping the wild Riverside animals out of your property. This justifies the fact that people go for other methods other than repellents. Depending on the kind of animal you want to repel, repellents are of various types. To some extent, repellents do work. They are cheaper since one can even make some for him/herself.

Can repellents keep off raccoons?
Though research shows that no repellent can be used against the California raccoon, some of them can. Raccoons are very harmful and waiting to apply other methods of expelling them might cause even more damage. The following repellents can be used effectively:
• Coyote urine- raccoons are prey to Riverside coyotes. In order to keep of raccoons, you should use coyotes’ urine. Sprinkle it around the attic. This way, the whole place will smell of the predator and the raccoon will just keep off.
• Cayenne pepper- mix the pepper with water and also a little bit of dish soap. Spray the mixture around the attic. This will keep off the raccoons.

Can repellents keep off California snakes?
Repellents can, to some extent, keep off the snakes. Bites from the snake can cause harmful diseases and poisoning. As such, keeping them off will help greatly. The following repellents will do a great job:
• Cinnamon oil- Riverside snakes do not like the smell from the cinnamon. Therefore, they will keep off. Spray the oil at the entry point to the attic. However, cinnamon oils might be too expensive and evaporates so fast.
• Mixture of common salt and garlic- this mixture will surely repel the California snakes. Spray the mixture carefully around the attic and the surrounding in order to attain desired outcomes.

Repellents v/s rodents
Repellents can also keep of the Riverside rodents. These animals might cause severe damage and need to be kept off. The following repellent can keep them off:
• Peppermint oil- this kind of oil will help greatly in keeping the California rodents away. Rats, mice and squirrels do not like the smell of these oil and they will keep off the surrounding where the oil has applied.

Though it has been said that repellents do not work well, I believe they do and giving them a try might help. People believe that eviction fluids are the only ones that are effective but also the repellents are good working.

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