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  • Riverside Educational Article of the Month - What to do About a Cage-Shy Fox?

What to do About a Cage-Shy Fox?

There are Riverside foxes that cannot be caught by cage. These are the cage shy fox and they may be a very big nuisance in case they visit you. One is normally left with no choice but frustration after another frustration. It becomes a sad occasion if you set a trap for days only to find that it is not working. But is there something that can be done.

What to do
• The first thing to do is to try other methods of trapping. There are many methods that are put forth to trap a California fox. If your fox won’t easily fall into a cage, consider other methods of trapping. If a cage is not effective, other methods will be.
• Consider also the type of bait you use to trap the fox. A fox could not be attracted to the cage simply because of the bait you are using. If you are using the wrong type of bait, the Riverside fox would be deterred and its attention diverted to other things rather than the cage.
• A fox could also be cage shy simply because of the scent in the trap. May be you could be careless enough to handle the bait bare handed leaving your scent in the trap. Fox have a very strong scent sense and if they notice that a human scent in the cage, they will not even dare to come close to the cage.
• Look at the positioning of your trap or the place you intend t catch the California fox. Position your trap in a place where the fox is likely to visit more often. If you place the trap in a place where the fox visit less often, then be sure that you will not catch a thing.

Still not working?
If you do the following and the Riverside fox is still hard and tricky to catch, consider making a report to the game authorities or a professional company that solely deal with trapping. Also scare the fox away by chasing or using other biological method such as using the dogs. This will make the fox scared of returning back to cause a nuisance. Remove all the resources that might attract the fox to the area such food resources. If remove all these, the California fox won’t have a reason to come back.

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