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  • Riverside Educational Article of the Month - What to do if I Find a Dead Dog?

What to do if I Find a Dead Dog?

It is a universal ideology that ‘dog is man’s bestfriend’ and humans have a soft spot when they see a dead Riverside dog. A dog dies for several reasons. But when you find a dead dog (which is not yours) in your yard, this only means that it is very sick and died in your lawn or it got poisoned. If it is not yours or your neighbor’s dog, it is advised that you remove it immediately as you may not know what it caused its death.

What to do?
When no one has claimed the body of the California dog, take it into inference that it is a stray dog that got sick and you need to bury it immediately before flies and other agents of decomposers come to rescue. Once a flesh enters the decomposition stage, it will be hard for you to keep away the agents of decomposition – and they include flies and the eggs and maggots that they deposit on the dead meat.

How to get rid of a dead dog?
If it is your Riverside dog, you have the knowledge about its health and what might be the cause of death. This means that you know if the animal is sick and if it can carry or transmit infection, anything for that matter. But if it is not, get rid of it immediately.

First, you need to remove the dead body and put it in a garbage bag while you dig a hole to bury it. Take it to your backyard and bury it in a hole one feet deep or more. Lay some stones on the spot where you buried the dead Riverside animal to keep scavengers from digging it out. Upon removing the dead animal’s body, clean the spot where you found it. Make sure that you get rid of the maggots and flies that might be roaming in the area. You can splash it with water with detergent to keep the bad odor away. Lastly, disinfect the area for to make sure that no other infectious agent of decomposition will get away.

If you do not have the tools and place to bury the dead body, you can call a local Riverside animal service or let the animal control services take it into incarceration. The local California animal control usually has an incarceration service to get rid of dead animals, especially the large ones.

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