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  • Riverside Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Deer Out of My Garden

How to Keep Deer Out of My Garden

Many people like to plant different vegetables and ornamental flowering plants in their gardens. These people who are fond of growing vegetables in their gardens should also be aware of the fact and should pay attention to it that their garden is not at all safe from the wild Riverside animals which are either hiding behind the fence or have made certain hidden underground pathways to their gardens. Some of the animals which are a real threat to the vegetable gardens are California deer who can simply nibble away the green salad leaves planted by the gardeners. In case any of these intruders is found in your garden, it is extremely important to stop them from doing so.

Make enclosures around garden
The best strategy to avoid the entry of California deer is to build fence or enclosure around the garden. In this way they will not be able to gain entry in the garden or get a chance to spoil the vegetables and plants. Some people also prefer installing the electric fence around garden but that is not at all an effective solution because if you are keeping any pets or have children at home then it can be very dangerous. Therefore it is better to protect your plants by making the barriers and fence so that these crops can be hid from Riverside deer.

Use row covers
Certain crops require protection from the frost especially in the mornings of spring season. These covers can also be applied to deter Riverside deer and hide your vegetables away from them. In case of hot weather you can cover the vegetables by applying the tulle because it has got the ability to release heat and also serves the purpose of protection.

Motion detectors
Installing the motion detector sprinkler in the front yard of your garden is a better option than using netting. This device senses even the slightest motion of California deer within the range of about 35 meters.

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